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Why You Should Listen

Are you a non-profit or Jewish professional? A Tucson community leader? Or maybe you are a wellness practitioner or business owner? This podcast is for anyone with an interest in leaving the world a little—or a lot—better than they found it through the work they do, the relationships they foster, the stories they tell, and the community they cultivate. Through candid and inspiring conversations, we'll learn with and from people committed to making an impact!

Our Show Is Special

Every episode of The Tucson J, In the Community: With Todd Rockoff is an opportunity to hear from an industry leader in conversation with guests of interest, about what it takes to run a successful, growth-oriented non-profit, how a deep commitment to Jewish values guides the work and mission of the Tucson J, and the role businesses play in creating thriving communities.

Our Show's Goals

``A rising tide lifts all ships.`` Through the J's work internally as an organization, and in the public as a lamppost for the entire Tucson and Southern Arizona community, it is our goal to grow, innovate, and thrive—and help others do the same. By sharing insights gained from years of on-the-ground experience, unpacking challenges, celebrating successes, and making connections between people and ideas, the goal of this podcast is to leave listeners with an actionable takeaway, fresh, empowered perspective, and the desire to live better and do better for themselves and their communities.

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