About The Mark Bishop Show

Short and Longer in depth interviews with Business leaders, Entrepreneurs and Authors Informative - Motivational - Factual

Business & Entrepreneurs

Interviews with CEOs, thought leaders and entrepreneurs across the Americas. Diverse topics including Medicine, Artificial Intelligence, Bio-Science, Digital marketing & Exciting new start-ups and future business.


In some cases their first book in others their 4th with a superb collection of both Nonfiction and Fiction storytelling. They’re not famous...yet! But you can be the judge if they will be? “There’s nothing like a good book” (tm)


Travel,Food,Sex & life as we Know it. Work from home and what next.

Why you should listen in

A part of one of my favorite lines from an iconic movie was “ It’s like a box of chocolates you never know what you’re gonna get”! If you enjoy listening to people that make a difference, topics that concern you and your loved ones, there’s a pretty good chance you will discover it with me. I love people and stories and I want to bring them to you. Thank you for joining me.

Key Factors about the show

I keep my business interviews short and my author interviews long. All podcasts are family friendly with no obvious surprises and I care about my guests.

My job is not to ‘jump’ them or be a smart …. But to get you the Facts!

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