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Contrary to popular belief, that the internet has taken over everything, paper books are still selling and being read by book lovers all over the world. perhaps its that feeling you get when holding it in your hands or gently perusing through the pages. Or you may be reading online through a kindle after all. We have our favorites you know, those ‘big name’ writers and then we have our novices the first book or even a few but may not be too well known as yet!

Why You Should Listen

The show is designed for you to meet these fledgling authors and help them to become known as proficient writers. They are all unique in their story telling both fiction and Non with unique autobiographies and factual accounts of those that have come before us. The books are diverse and we go in depth to find out what makes these writers tick and why the pen went to paper?

What Makes this Show Special?

As a writer producer and experienced TV and radio host over a long and successful career, I never forgot what it meant to me when I got my first break into radio in Australia. And the same could be said for my television debut as well. This is my way of a ‘paying it forward’ if you like, interviewing these ‘not so well known performers’ in their own right and so we unearth some fabulous novels and biographies and so much so that TV series and movies are now in the cards for some and you will remember this.

Our Show's Goals

To get it known that there is a place you can go when published to talk about and share why your stories and that they are worth reading and your message should be heard. I would like this segment of NLGB to grow on Mark Bishop Media to be the place to be introduced to up and coming writers and successfully published authors and novelists.
And the icing on the cake, going to the openings of movies and TV shows derived from the books.

Special Guest Writers We Want to Interview

I love movies all sorts of movies, TV dramas, love stories and sitcoms too! OK so I’m a guts for entertainment maybe it’s because I am a frustrated actor or just because I like to get lost and be taken away from the humdrum of everyday life. Just like millions of others but wouldn’t it be fun to talk to writers whose books have hit the big screen or that captivating TV series and get into their heads how did they do it? What was that spark, that ‘Aa-Ah moment’ that would make that scene a winner!

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