How Spiritual Are You?

Welcome to How Spiritual Are You, co-hosted by Mark Bishop. Each month, we will give listeners an update on what’s happening in the world energetically speaking and will tell you what to expect in the coming months. Be sure to tune in to be prepared for the journey humanity is being faced with. For the second half of the program, listeners will be treated to an interview with someone who is an expert in the Metaphysical or Paranormal world to help them better understand the unexplainable.

About The Show

How Spiritual Are You will connect you with other worlds that are already part of your reality. You will become more attuned to the energy in the world around you, to be less afraid, and to better move forward in your life. This is a show about fulfillment, self-empowerment, and enlightenment. If you have a question that you would like answered on the show, send an email to

Why How Spiritual Are You?

Right now, in our world, normal just is not working, so why not try something metaphysical or just a bit paranormal instead? It’s time to bring back the magic. Why not try astrology to make decisions, get some answers from a tarot deck, or why not talk to a psychic once a week to know what to expect in the future, or use a dowsing rod to find a missing object? Broaden your horizons and become unlimited by expanding your access to different words.

We Support You

Our world is at a tipping point, the planet is in big trouble and humanity is not waking up fast enough to fix it. Our show is about helping to change consciousness by showing that there are other ways of viewing reality by being aware of different worlds. Those that benefit everyone the most will be discussed on the show. We support you during these chaotic times, and are here for you, every step of the way.