About Healthy Success Show!

Healthy Success is a unique one hour online TV program that features informative interviews with leading health related entities from across America, videos interviews with health scientists and board members of the very successful Activz organization and lots of fun with viewer contestants from all over the Globe given the opportunity to win fabulous prizes with the ‘spin of wheel’ and most of all we will introduce to the world a wonderful work from home business in the health related industry.

Why I Should Listen/Watch?

Do you like nice quality gifts? You can easily be a contestant on
“Healthy ~ Success” and you could be cruising, staying at beautiful island beach resorts for a fabulous vacation, wearing the latest in smart watches or playing on an iPad or enjoying many more of the quality prizes we are offering our contestants. Read on to learn how to enter!

What Makes Your Show Special?

There has never been an online TV show geared around helping people to come back from the pandemic with an earned income from home healthy reality opportunity. Activz is the first manufacturer to sponsor such a concept and I am very grateful to them. Not only will we be able to help so many thousands of individuals towards getting healthy and back on track after Covid 19 but we can also give thousands of viewers an equal opportunity of much needed income.

What Are Your Goals?

To Brand Activz as a household name while guiding thousands of viewers and followers of the Healthy Success the show to a healthy and reliable well-paying opportunity that they can enjoy form the comfort of their own homes and at the same time introduce them to the scientifically proven health products produced at the Activz laboratories right here in the USA.

Special Guests or Guests You Want on the Show

Other than the wonderful health related industry leaders and teachers it would be fun to have some super stars as well. I have quite a few names and stars I would like to invite onto the show especially if they are health conscious and care about helping others.

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