About Choose Congruency

The Choose Congruency Podcast is an extension of my work as a life coach, helping people to see how our thoughts, words and actions create our reality and how when they are congruent (in alignment), we have the power to create the life we want.

Why I Should Listen/Watch?

Each month, we talk with people who have successfully made big shifts in their lives. These shifts allowed them to overcome obstacles to becoming the people they wanted to be. They will share their stories and give you tips, tools and strategies they used along the way to becoming who they wanted to be so that you, too, can begin to take steps to create the life you want!

What Makes the Show Special?

I combine my training as a social worker and life coach with my personal experience in overcoming life’s obstacles as I select guests and topics that get to the heart of what causes us to succeed (or not) in achieving what we want in life and how we can begin to take that knowledge to make our brain work for us rather than against us.

The Shows Goals?

To help people understand that when they get congruent (in alignment) with their thoughts, words, and actions, they can create the life they want. I want to be able to help as many people as possible to understand their personal power and to be able to reduce suffering in their lives.

Special Guests or Guests We Want on the Show

I will continue to research and seek out worthy topics and guests that can share their personal experience of overcoming obstacles, describe the thought/action process behind their growth, and clarify what steps enabled them to make that positive change in their lives.

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