About Bag It - Your Guide through Cancer Show

This show brings together the most requested and researched cancer information into a single resource. It’s not just information. It’s the right information, right when you need it most.

What’s in the Bag!

Current, Comprehensive, and Customizable:
Our goal is to help empower patients, through information, to help them navigate a cancer diagnosis. From initial diagnosis, throughout treatment, and in to all phases of survivorship, Bag It guides patients on how to talk to their healthcare providers, ask questions, and serve as the most important advocate on their care team.

Resource Center

In addition to the tools and resources found in the Bag It bag, we’ve developed this comprehensive online Resource Center designed to be your starting point when you’re researching any of the many topics related to a cancer diagnosis. The Bag It Resource Center is continuously evaluated and updated to ensure we’re providing easy access to the best resources available.

Patient Caregivers

The Bag It bag includes resources specifically to support those who are providing care and support for cancer patients. Among our resources, we’ve included Caring for the Caregiver, from the National Cancer Institute. This booklet offers ways for a friend or family member to take care of themselves while caring for a loved one with cancer.

Be Your Best Advocate

Have you been diagnosed with cancer? Then you are a Survivor. Bag It resources touch on topics that support anyone, at any stage of diagnosis, with any type of cancer. From nutrition, to talking to your employer about cancer, to taking care of the caregiver, the Bag It bag is a wealth of information, and will help each Survivor to become your very best self-advocate.

Program Details

The Bag It bag & guidebook were given to me by my breast surgeon when a mammogram found my cancer.

The Bag It notebook was the best possible item to organize all the doctor’s notes, tests, and other medical info. It’s extremely well thought out. The doctors were so impressed they have everything that was needed! I still have the notebook and use it 5 years later.

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