TMBS E197: Alex Anderson; Founder of Babes Golf – New women’s golfing movement in San Diego

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Alex Andersen/Babes Golf

Babes Golf is an organization dedicated to introducing new golfers to the game. Our mission is to make golf fun and welcoming to all.  


Our membership offers an introduction to golf, clinics, and a network for the golfer looking to take their game to the next level.

Alex Andersen was born in San Jose , California near Hollister a small farming community. After graduating from San Diego State College she worked in a variety of professions trying to figure out what she really wanted to do that included her having her own business.

Alex had a passion about wanting to start a business but just couldn’t figure out what?

The young entrepreneur actually then fell into it by going on a vacation where there wasn’t too much to do so for the heck of it, she played some golf.

The light bulb went on for the young entrepreneur and Babes Golf was born!

The objective is for women who want to learn the game, play the game without the usual social stigma’ that can go with it from Clubs and men players can do so and have fun at the same time.

Alex gets a big kick out of seeing others have fun while playing the wonderful game of golf. She enjoys seeing new members getting excited about the game and the friendships that are formed.

Babes Golf maybe a household name in time to come but for now there are 60 women that have joined in the last six months alone. Babes Golf is now an official Club of the SCGA. Who knows just maybe this young lady will take her passion of Babes Golf across the country and end up with thousands of members reviving the ancient game of golf in clubs that would love the patronage.


“We May Not Get A Hole In One But We Have A Whole Lot Of Fun!” – Alex


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