Mark Ziska, Author (new Book Titled ‘Do No Harm’) 
Company: Do No Harm, Inc 
Address: 2239 E 5th Street
Tucson, AZ 85719 Phones: 520-909-0422 
DO NO HARM offers a proven and time-tested 5-step process to help law enforcement organizations overcome the hurdles they are currently facing: community trust, engagement, and involvement as well as the use of force incidents.
Your co-author Ramon and you wrote this book after developing, testing, and proving that your 5-step system works. He was a former police chief was he not?  
Mark knows firsthand what many law enforcement organizations are up against. He helped create this system and implemented every step of our process with his government and community partners’ support and during his tenure, they successfully reduced critical incidents in his department and created a legacy of change.  
There are 5 Steps reference in your book.
As a civilian who has been behind the scenes of law enforcement my view on modern law enforcement includes “To serve and protect” is the mission of Law Enforcement Professionals across the country. 
We believe police reform is not “retraining” the police. 
We believe police reform is not defunding the police. 
We believe police reform starts at the top of every organization. 
We believe police reform is best maintained for the long term when there is a shift in culture and emphasis on shared values with the community. 
We believe police reform is possible, and we can change organizational culture to dramatically reduce the use of force and improve community relations. 
We pledge to support our Law Enforcement community as they undergo a cultural shift to not only “Serve and Protect” but also “Do No Harm.”

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