SOS E1: Don Zavis Sales Training, with John Waechter

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National Sales Training, International Keynote Speaking, and Award-Winning Sales Coaching Organization for the Financial Services, Retail, Manufacturing and Professional Services Industries. 

 Practice focused on Educational Workshops, Private One-On-One Sales Coaching/Training, Keynote Address’s, Group Sales Training/Coaching, Webinars, Conference Calls, Recorded Materials, Skype,  Social Media, and Written Materials. 

Waechter Advisory Network
4842 N. Circulo Bujia
Tucson, AZ  85718
(520) 370-8232
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About the Company:

Waechter Advisory Network is my “umbrella” consulting company. The current pillars are business/non-profit consultingtelemarketing servicescost mitigation approachestalent optimization, executive placement, sales training, and media services. 

Don Zavis

Don Zavis is an accomplished executive with a successful history of taking private and public organizations to new levels of sales and profitability. He has an outstanding record of hiring the highest level of sales achievers, training them to their fullest potential, and consistently coaching them to perform in the top 10% of their industries. He has a unique ability to create a “sales culture” across the entire scope of the organization while fostering an environment of mutual achievement and reward. Professional education includes over 6,000 hours of practical, actual training.


  • Responsible for the sales development of over 3,000 sales professionals 
  • Trained / Coached over 1 Billion Dollars of revenue production 
  • Personally purchased and profitably sold 23 business’s in differing industries 
  • Ranked in the top 5% of Sales Trainers and Coaches nationwide 

John Waechter

Originally from the Chicago metropolitan area of Indiana, John was a Hoosier that grew up in a small rural town not far from the city. John left Indiana, at age 22, after graduating from Indiana University. He subsequently relocated to Los Angeles and started his business career working in finance for a subsidiary of Black & Decker. While in L.A., John continued his education at night while working, culminating with an M.B.A. from USC. The relocation of the company headquarters from Marina Del Rey to Tucson, AZ was responsible for John’s moving to the desert after 10 years in southern California. 

John is a seasoned business executive, entrepreneur, and organizational consultant. With 40 years of experience with consumer and industrial manufacturing, healthcare, small business, Fortune 500 companies, and more, John’s current focus is on corporate expense mitigation, courses in sales, customer service, customer retention, interpersonal relationships, and behavioral assessments. John has extensive experience in the basic business disciplines of marketing, sales, operations, finance, accounting, and human resources. John holds a B.S. in Business Administration and an M.B.A. in Long Range PlanningAdditionally, John is a certified Predictive Index Practitioner and a certified “Talent Optimizer.” 

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