Paul Kukich, Owner of Burgerrito Food Truck
8224 N. Courtney Page Rd, Unit 191
Tucson AZ, 85743

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We are the first to get our food out as quickly as possible so that people who are on their lunch breaks and have time restraints can actually enjoy and relish in the flavor that we created instead of choking on it before you go back on the clock. lol! And Providing the largest and most diverse menu in the western United States ranging from Texas to California up to the Canadian border.

When it comes to events all around the Tucson area, we bring to the table a menu designed as a one-stop-shop for a family of five from age 2 to 92 I think makes us unique!

My wife and I have been married for 9 years.  We lived here for 11years, moving from Denver Colorado, where the BurgerRito was born, known as a Mexican hamburger for the past 65 years!  I have been in the industry -customer service all my life, and have been a master-baker in Colorado but wanted to bring my childhood favorite with me to Tucson.  My hobbies include mud runs and all contact sports(football/hockey)

I got into the Business  in Colorado during a mud-run and had a Mexican hamburger in my hand wishing I could enjoy this back in Tucson, and thought, why not?  So I decided to open a Foodtruck so all in Tucson could enjoy a childhood favorite!

I got into this line of work because I enjoy being an independent and enjoy my passion for cooking at the same time.  We are looking for more specifics about you so our listeners can connect. - I get to the place where I wear my passion on my sleeve, and I get a chance to be a social butterfly as I dissect the menu that I’ve created.  Being in the Food Truck industry has given me the opportunity to say thank you to all of the community who has embraced all Foodtrucks including mine that’s why we really embrace all 501(c)(3)‘s schools churches and give back to the community is my way of saying thank you.

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